Mental health is a growing and serious issue in the BC healthcare system. With an estimated 29% of people suffering a mental disorder sometime in their lives, many of whom are not diagnosed or treated; better tools are needed to connect citizens with knowledge, tools and resources in a convenient fashion.

Your challenge will be to produce an application that provides patients with screening questions they can test themselves or their family members against along with a navigation system to connect them with relevant Fraser Health mental health and addictions resources. Consider aggregating existing web-based systems on a mobile app, with translation and user-friendly intuitive interfaces, an alert system that allows patients to notify a pre-selected list of people in a support network, and the possibility of having the patient collect information through the app for medical providers that will aid in diagnosis, such as tracking of mood swing frequency and timing, dietary information or other relevant data points. Where possible, integrate best-practice self-care information that is recommended from reputable sources.