British Columbia and other jurisdictions are facing a severe increase in the number of fatal overdoses due to the emergence of potent and fast-acting substances such as Fentanyl. In addition to education and prevention, applying effective treatments to patients in need is a necessary response to reduce death rates. Naloxone is one such life-saving treatment for patients suffering from overdoses of opioids, which with rapid application can block the effects of opioids and save lives. BC’s Take Home Naloxone (THN) program is actively increasing access to Naloxone kits to trained individuals who know, work with or are users of opioids in order to increase the rapid accessibility of this life-saving treatment.

Your challenge will be to create an app that provides Naloxone kit users with emergency response support as well as easy to access and understand information on how to prevent an overdose, how to diagnose an overdose and proper treatment procedures including application of Naloxone. Consider functions that would enable automatic notification of emergency services, and support to care givers and their personal networks in the event of an overdose. .