There is serious issue with wait-lists for doctors and the significant variance in wait-times, making it difficult for patients to plan their schedules. While some specialists are overloaded with cases, others are not utilized to their full capacity creating inefficiencies in the system due to lack of resource coordination. Currently most doctors do scheduling based on calendars handled by their own administrative staff, which doesn’t provide region-wide visibility of workloads or availability. This is complicated by the need to match their available time slots to available facilities suitable to procedures they need to perform (such as operating rooms).

You challenge will be to create a tool which coordinates referral scheduling in a more robust and transparent manner. It will coordinate specialist availability with needed facility schedules, and match to patients. It should also be able to produce analytics such as average patient wait-time, with possible linkages to demographic and condition metrics. Consider the possibility of integrating feedback from patients and easing workflow of referrals to other specialists.