Patient Complexity is growing at ever-increasing paces, presenting challenges for medical professionals to provide patient-care based on the latest evidence available. They are faced with increasing patient loads, compressed timelines and a patient journey that spans through hospitals and into community based care, patient medical homes and specialized services.

The current system responds reasonably well to sudden acuity (e.g. heart attack and stroke; surgical needs; trauma), but is challenged to care for complexity (e.g. complex chronic illness; frailty). Fraser Health Authority is moving to a more team-based care model with multiple providers, each with an area of expertise that contributes to the whole clinical picture. This needs to be managed over time.

Your challenge will be to develop tools that make workflows of multidisciplinary teams more efficient, provide consolidated information in an actionable manner and automate redundant processes.

Examples could include: automated checklist to guide decision-flows, patient forms in electronic forms that reduce paper hard copies and ease data sharing, Patient contributing to and/or having access to the information or aggregation tools for relevant medical research according to specialty.