What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people involved in computer programming work collaboratively together, often in teams, in a sprint-like race to develop programs around a certain topic or theme.

Do I need to be a computer programmer to participate?

We welcome people of a variety of backgrounds, including software developers, graphic designers, business management and marketing backgrounds and those with an expertise in health care and the health care system.

Do I have to be a part of a team?

It is recommended that people work collaboratively in groups given the short timeframe but it is possible to work on your own if you have the skillset to produce a system on your own.

Can I bring a pre-formed team to the event?

Yes, if you have a group of people you would like to work with for this event you are welcome to come together.

What if I don’t have a team and don’t know anyone?

The Fraser Health Hackathon will have a period where people can pitch their ideas and recruit teammates; if you have an idea you can recruit others, or if you are inspired by someone else’s idea you are free to join them.

Will there be prizes?

Yes, there will be sponsored cash and other prizes.

Will there be food there?

Lunch and light snacks will be provided.

What if I don’t finish my product in time?

You are encouraged to show what you’ve managed to produce in the time allotted, even if it’s incomplete. The judging panel can still reward points for your concept and potential of the idea, and there may be decision-makers in the room who could be interested in working with you to further develop the system after the hackathon.